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Блок кресел пятиместный

Block five-seater The block of chairs with a lectern

Overall dimensions: 2600х500х820

The block of chairs is intended for the equipment of assembly halls, halls for meetings of office and public buildings.

The basis of the block of chairs – the metalframework (truba25kh25 mm) consisting of 6 sidewalls support strengthened under seats the supporting metal communication that provides rigidity of a design. The metal framework of the block has a protective and decorative powder polymeric covering epoksipoliefirny powder composition which possesses high resistance to impact of variable temperatures, high shock durability.

Seats are equipped with the return mechanism, fasten to metal support by means of hairpins and nuts. The rounded-off back is fixed strictly and has a certain tilt angle. On each metal sidewall the wooden armrest is fixed. Armrests are made of wood of deciduous breeds, have a varnish protective and decorative covering with preserving natural color or preliminary dyeing. The flooring of backs and seats is made of foam rubber. A seat upholstery from fabric furniture. Extreme sidewalls are executed from laminated by a chipboard, edges are closed by edging tape PVC 2 mm thick that improves appearance of a product. The design of the block of chairs provides resistance to capsizing. In the lower support there are openings for fixture of the block of chairs to a floor.

 The art decision, the applied materials and possible options of their combination conform to modern esthetic requirements.



The used fabrics

Collection Lena:

Lena black Lena burgundy Lena Camel Lena Chestut Lena Cocao Lena Emerald Lena Mouse Lena Olive Lena Royal Blue Lena saddle grey Lena_taffy specification

Collection Sonya:

Sona black Sona Burgundy Sona Camel Sona Chestnut Sona Cocoa Sona Emerald Sona Mouse Sona Olive Sona Royal blue Sona saddle grey Sona Taffy specification


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