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achieving leadership in the production of special furniture
for educational institutions of all profiles and growth efficiency
production and well-being of employees

 With the advent of logs disappeared problems with the exercise of any architectural solution. House made of logs looks very aesthetically pleasing and does not require any finish from the outside or from the inside. House made of logs easy to build. All dimensions of the cup and the grooves are cut on a modern, high-tech equipment, and all the calculations made by the computer, allowing you to almost completely eliminate the human factor. Cheap houses made of logs distinguishes internal and external beauty of wood, beautiful in itself and does not require additional finishing. Log diameter ranges from 160 mm and above. Log thicker than the more expensive, but at the same time and will be warmer than the home, not only due to the log, but also reduce the number of rims, and therefore the seams.

  Because we produce a log strict cylindrical shape with a smooth surface and the ends of the same size, with already cut cups and grooves, put him in the construction is very simple, so the process of construction of houses made of logs is pleasant and not too time-consuming procedure.
 Cylindrical acquire a well-kept house and a good view because the walls look smooth and require no secondary finishing. Cylindrical Environmentally friendly home and several times more reliable brick.  


Wooden houses made of logs have many advantages. The main thing - it's eco-friendly house. In such a house active ventilation occurs through the ends and walls, so, throughout the day in a room varies more than 30 percent of the air! Therefore, in a wooden house person feels very comfortable.
If you have a suburban area, but there is no gazebos, we rest assured - you will make the right decision if you purchase it from us. Gazebos made of logs serve as a place of recreation and communication between family and friends in the open air, at the same time is able to protect your vacation from rain, hail and other natural disasters.  

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