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"Erisman" desk

 Парта "Эрисмана"

Dimensions: 1200x900

Double desks, height-adjustable in the range of numbers № 1-4. All adjustments are performed independently. Changing the height of the table desks occurs due to the movement of the mating profile legs and fixing them through the holes with screws.

The party has an inclined table top (10 °) with two hinged parts by the student, which makes it more comfortable learning process. By countertop adjacent horizontal bar with two trays for pens and pencils. Under the sink has a shelf for storing books and notebooks, which closed on the sides of plates, which gives the party more aesthetic appearance. By lining the outside of the attached hooks portfolios.

Under the sink is a metal bond to eliminate its bending and folding parts support. Also metallic bonds rigidity of the back and seat bench. Desk equipped with foot rest. Based party - metal frame of Profile pipes square 25x25 and 20x20 mm with a polymer coating. All shield parts are made of laminated chipboard 16mm, the ends of boards lined with PVC edge 2 mm.

All dimensions are in accordance with GOST 5994-93.

It is useful to know:

        The "correct" school school desk of Erisman was invented at the end of the 19th century by the famous Russian hygienist Fyodor Fyodorovich Erisman and finished by Pyotr Korotkov. The main reason of why Erisman's school desk is considered still an unsurpassed standard of school furniture, that it was developed with a main goal is: to keep health of pupils. The design of this school desk with an inclined working surface, the correct back and a support for feet, is developed according to anatomic and physiological needs of pupils. Using this school desk, children keep a correct posture and good sight.
         The device of this school desk creates good and healthy conditions for the letter, reading and drawing. The folding part of a table-top provides enough place for the standing child. Also the school desk is equipped with the shelf in which pupils can store textbooks, notebooks and the writing accessories.
        Proceeding from it many specialists from medicine and education recommend use of "Erisman's school desks" when training children of elementary grades as at this age loads of the growing and changing children's organism are high.

This useful model of a school desk is patented by "The national center of intellectual property" in compliance з the law of Republic of Belarus.

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