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Student's furniture set ShK-300M

 School desk SK-300M  School desk SK-300M

Set of furniture of student's SK-300.

Conforms to new requirements of the SanPiN.

Has no analogs in Republic of Belarus.

  The set of student's furniture consists of a table and 2-hstulyev student's, regulated on height of a combined folding design on a metal framework.

   Height is regulated with 3 on 6 growth group.

  The table student's consists of a metalframework from two sidewalls which basic surfaces have tips and thrust bearings from polymeric materials. Each sidewall is formed by two racks connected by a support below and two horizontal cross-pieces above having reliable mobile connection for establishment of an inclination of a cover.

The cover of 1250х532 in size consists of the inclined table-top executed from a plate of LDSP of 1204 in size ±2*412±2 with PVC 2mm edges, with the rounded-off corners, and panels for writing-materials, 1250 in size ±2*120±2, the MDF made of a plate covered with the PVC film with the rounded-off corners and two deepenings for pencils and handles. The forward panel – LDSP with a melamine edge. Two side slips, are executed from a plate of MDF covered with a film of PVC and have decorative drawing and a uniform color scheme with an overlay for writing-materials. Adjustment of an inclination of a table-top is carried out бесступенчато by means of a gas spring.

  Chairs with the adjustable height and adjustable effective depth of sitting, on the metalframework consisting of two sidewalls on the T-shaped support having tips from polymeric materials and connected by communication. A covering of a metal framework - epoksipoliefirny powder paint.      

 Back and seat of a chair - gnutokleenny plywood, has the varnish transparent covering executed with preservation of natural color of wood, conforming to requirements THAT RB 100699348.455-2002. Bends and curves of surfaces, and also adjustment of a seat on depth ensure physiological convenience and safety to health of pupils.

 The design of a school desk is developed taking into account all medical requirements to children's educational furniture. The lifting and inclined table-top prevents development of scoliosis of a backbone in children, during training process. The special attention when developing this model was paid to selection of materials for a table-top, sitting and a back. The materials of high durability allowed for use by production of furniture for educational institutions are applied to their production.

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