Bench with backrest

Bench with backrest

Bench dimensions: 1740x660x850 mm
Bench with backrest is made of solid pine with an effect of artificial aging.
All the details of the bench are covered with mastic what makes the wood waterproof, gives a plesant golden shade and emphasizes the texture of natural wood.
There are different models: L1300, L1400, L1600, L1800 and L2000 (lengths are different). Always available L1600 model. Also, for the desires of our customers, we supply benches with or without covering with lacquer or other materials.

The end product in disassembled form is packed into corrugated cardboards.
Dimensions and weight of package:
Package 1 - 1770x350x90 mm
Package 2 - 700x870x150 mm
The total weight is 35 kg.


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