Gateleg table ST-06L

Gateleg table ST-06L

Стол-тумба СТ-06л

Modern and convenient table ST-06 matches to any interior.It easily transformes into a large table.

Assembled size:
Mix. length: 290 mm
Max. length: 1600 mm
Width: 900 mm
Heigth: 750 mm

Gateleg table with rectangular top fixed on two sidewalls. Lifting sides are supported and fixed in the spread-out look by meance of gatelegs. The bases of sidewalls are equipped with tips.
The table is made from laminated by chipboard 16 mm thick. All visible edges are closed by the edging film PVC and a melamine edging tape. In the process we use high-quality materials and accessories:
- the wood chipboard revetted with films made on the basis of thermosetting polymers;
-polyvinylchloride edges of different thickness and melamine edging tape;
- modern furniture accessories.

Color according to the warehouse program

Цветовая гамма столов-тумб СТ-06 

Стол-тумба СТ-06-01

New design

On customer's request only

Стол-тумба СТ-06-01

+ Rounded tabletop

+ Holders

+ Combination of light and dark elements

+ Adjustable for heigth

Стол-тумба СТ-06-01

- More expensive