About us

JSC "Postavymebel" (formerly- Postavy plant built for production of educational equipment) is a unique enterprise, which was built in 1980 for maintaining educational institutions of the Soviet Union with school furniture and equipment. The product assortment totals more than 200 names (including school furniture). The uniqueness of the enterprise is that it was and still is the only state enterprise (shares of state stocks is 100%) that specializes in the production of furniture for educational institutions, in particular, school furniture. JSC "Postavymebel" has a long history, and therefore successfully realizes our production, participates in the bidding exersice. We are able to offer modern production technology of school furniture. 

Our production is realized within the country and abroad (Latvia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Germany).

Every year JSC "Postavymebel" takes active participation in different furniture exhibitions.


In 2017:

The enterprise participated in the 20-th international exibition "UMIDS 2017",

held in Krasnodar in Exibition Center "Expograd Yug".

At the Exibition the following products were represented:

• Bunk bed KRD-02M

• Set of foldable furniture for cafe

• Set of furniture for outdoor living spaceBAN-01

• Transormer-bench SST-01

• Set of furniture for living room "Adelina-02"

UMIDS 2017

In 2016:



     Garden transformer-bench SST-01 was named winner of "The Best Products of the Republic of Belarus"

      in the nomination "Industrial consumer goods and handicrafts"

Лучшие товары Республики Беларусь - "Садовая скамья-трансформер ССТ-01" 


     At the International Forum "Innovative Entrepreneurship of Vitebsk District "Small to Great" held in November 2016  the enterprise was awarded Diploma "For Active Participation".



The enterprise co-hosted "The Second Republican Competition of Professional Skill "WorldSkills Belarus — 2016"

Конкурс WorlsSkills--2016


In 2015:

In 2015 JSC “Postavymebel” became the laureate of the competition “The Best Products of the Republic of Belarus 2015” in the nomination

"Industrial Customer Goods and Handicraft"

for "Set of furniture for kitchen "Postavchanka-3".


The enterprise participated in the international exhibition "Furniture-2015", held in Moscow in "Expocentre".



In September 2015 the enterprise took participation in the specialized exhibition "Furniture-2016" held in Minsk and presented the new products:

Furniture set for kitchen "Postavchanka-3P";

Corner sofa SU-01A;

Universal workbench  "VKM-03U";

Student desk with chairs  "Shk-500";

Transformer-bench "SST-01".


At the end of the exhibition the enterprise was awarded diploma "For modern style, high quality and wide production assortment."

Within the framework of international competition "The Best Furniture of Belarus — 2015" transormer-bench SST-01 was recognized as the best in the nomination "Functional Excellence and Quality of Performance"


At the 16-th exhibition "LESDREVTECH" and 26-th exhibition "Wood and Frame Housebuilding. Bath-house"

the enterprise traditionally represented environmentally friendly materials and technology of round timber construction ,

and solid pine furniture. At the exhibition "LESDREVTECH" the products of our enterprise were

awarded diploma "For high quality of products."

At the 26th exhibition "Wood and Frame Housebilding. Bath-house" our enterprise was awarded diploma

"For traditionally high quality of products and wide range".



In 2014:

The organization took part in the 21-th exhibition "Furniture-2015"

At the exhibition the new production was represented : Furniture set for kitchen "Postavchanka-3D";

Set of kids furniture "Rucheek";

Dining set "Blues";

Foldable table.

At the exhibition the following products were awarded diplomas:

"Poltavchanka-3D" in the nomination "Design, functional perfection and quality";

Set of kids furniture "Rucheek" in the nomination "Successful debut".

In 2013

According to data for 2013, our enterprise gained well-deserved recognition “Branch Leader 2013”. Certificate Industry Leader in 2013
The enterprise participated in the 20th anniversary exhibition "Furniture 2014" and
 and was awarded Diploma "Best furniture in Belarus in 2013" at the Belarusian national furniture contest for set of kitchen furniture "Postovchanka-1M" in the category "Functional Excellence and Quality of Performance".

The enterprise participated in the exhibition "World of Childhood 2013"

 In 2012:

- Diploma for active promotion goods and services 

- Diploma of winner of the Belarusian Republican furniture contest  "Best Furniture of Belarus in 2012" for sofa-bed "Geneva" (corner sofa and "Geneva 2") in the category "Successful Debut"

In 2011:

- Diploma of winner of the Republican contest "Best Furniture of Belarus-2011" for furniture for kindergartens.

- Diploma for professionalism and active work with visitors

In 2010:

- At the exhibition "World of Childhood" Diploma for excellent exposure and successful debut

- Diploma of winner of the Belarusian Republican Furniture Contest "Best furniture Belarus-2010" for set of bedroom furniture "Darius"

In 2009:

- Diploma of winner of the Belarusian National Furniture Contest "Best Furniture of the Year 2009"

- Diploma for set of school furniture in the category "Best Design";

- Diploma for set of bedroom furniture in the nomination "Balance of price and quality";

- Diploma of winner for school furniture sample at the exhibition "Educational Technology".


- Diploma "Best Furniture of Belarus - Autumn 2008" 

- "Best Furniture Samples - Autumn 2007"