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Children's locker "Volna"

Children's locker "Volna"

 Комплект мебели для детского гардероба трехместный "Волна"


Overall dimensions:

Each compartment has 2 hooks for clothes, removable shelf for hats and a storage compartment for shoes. On the door and the rear wall of each compartment of the cabinet has openings for active ventilation, which is necessary for storing clothes after walking. Holes in the doors act as a door knob or closed plastic handle - sink.

Retractable bench placed in a niche under the cabinet, bench seat has rounded edges.

The cabinet is made of 16mm laminated board.

All visible edges are lined with shock-proof PVC edge 2mm, the other edge of melamine.

The unit can be made in two, three and four-seater version.

The color scheme in accordance with the warehouse program.