Furniture set for children room "Rucheek"

Furniture set for children room "Rucheek"

A set of furniture for the nursery "Streamlet"

Furniture set consists of the following elements:

Computer table "Streamlet"

Dimensions 1200x600x1455mm

 Computer table  "Streamlet"

Bed "Streamlet"

Dimensions 1900x840x1000mm
Size mattress 1860x800 mm


Chest "Streamlet"

Dimensions 900x500x920mm


Corner wardrobe "Streamlet"

Dimensions 900x800x2050mm

 Corner wardrobe 

Side cupboard set of children's furniture "Streamlet"

Dimensions 420x465x2034mm

Side cupboard set of children's furniture 

Chair SK-20-100S

Dimensions 450x600x650mm

Chair SK-20-100S