Сhildren's chair SK-40-1

Сhildren's chair SK-40-1 black




Chairs with adjustable height with plywood seats and backs on the metalframework consisting of two sidewalls on the T-shaped support having tips and connected by communication.

Back and seat of a chair - plywood 10 mm thick, has the varnish transparent covering executed with preservation of natural color of wood, conforming to requirements of STB 1871-2007. Bends and curves of surfaces ensure physiological convenience and safety to health of pupils.

All metalframeworks are covered with epoksipoliefirny powder paint which possesses high resistance to influence of variable temperatures, covering durability at blow.

The product is made according to GOST 22046-02.

Height of a chair is regulated in compliance to numbers of growth groups No. 1-3. according to GOST 19301.-94 "Furniture the nursery preschool. Functional sizes of chairs".


Сhildren's chair SK-40-1

Сhildren's chairs SK-40-1


Сhildren's chair SK-40-1 blue

Сhildren's chairs SK-40-1 red&blue