Two-seater children's table "Trapetsiya"

Two-seater children's table "Trapetsiya"

Стол детский двухместный цветной "Трапеция" регулируемый по высоте

Dimensions: 1260x675x620 mm

Kids table 2-seater designed for equipment rooms at preschools and day-care groups. 

Table top and frame of the table are made of laminated chipboard 16 mm thick. The edges are closed with colored PVC film 2mm.

The configuration allows the countertop in the preparation of several tables to form a specific shape. All corners are rounded.

The color scheme in accordance with the warehouse program.

Стол детский двухместный цветной "Трапеция" нерегулируемый по высоте


Стол трапеция на металлических опорахСтол трапеция на металлических опорах

 Two-seater module table "Trapetsiya" 


 Dimensions: 1100x500 mm

Table is adjustable for рушперю Table top is made of laminated chipboard 16 mm thick. The ends are lined with PVC edge 2 mm thick. 

The color scheme in accordance with the warehouse program.