Furniture set for school cafeteria KHMS-04A

Furniture set for school cafeteria KHMS-04A

Overall dimensions of the table: 1200x700x750 mm

Overall dimensions of a stool: 360х360х750 mm

Metal frame set consists of the table and 4 (6) suspended stools, or 2 suspended benches, made in the same architectural and technological solution, satisfying the requirements for dining rooms.

The metal frame of a dining table consists of two side legs closed with polymeric tube plugs. Side legs are formed by wide support tubes. Legs connected with balks for stool supporting what provides rollover stability. 

The metalframe is covered with epoxypolyester powder color which has high resistance to influence of temperature and impact.

Rectangular-shaped tabletop, 28 mm thick, is made of a plate of chipboard with a thickened perimeter, revetted with heat-resistant laminated paper plastic. The vertical dividing wall is made of laminated plate which connects metal side legs among themselves. Table edges are bordered by PVC strip with a diameter of 2 mm. This table distinguished by its durability and rollover stability. The seat is made from laminboard. 

Color of products is upon agreement with the Customer in accordance with the warehouse programm.


Furniture set for school cafeteria KHMS-04AFurniture set for school cafeteria KHMS-04A