Bunk bed KRD-04LMet

Bed two-story KRD-04LMet

Overall dimensions: 2150х850х1700 mm.

Size of sleeping place: 1950х800 mm.

Strong frame bed withstands overload.

Framework under the mattress is made from metal shaped tube with section 20 mm and 20mm. Bed frame is made from laminated chipboard .

Bunk bed with additional support leg, with two cylinder shells. All bearing units are fixed with bolts.
To the side boards are decorated with angular storage shelves which at the same time make the construction rigid. Boards, supporting legs, cylinder shells are made from laminated chipboard, 16 mm thick. All visible edges are revetted with PVC tape, 2 mm thick. Invisible edges are closed by melamine edging tape.

Bed frame is completed with double-sided mattresses, dimensions: 1950х800 mm.

Bed two-story KRD-04LMet