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Office furniture set NOM-04

Office furniture set NOM-04 

Set of NOM-04 of office furniture

Consists of the following elements:

Desk of HOM-04-01 1700x700x760,

Table of added HOM-04-02 1000x600x720,

Curbstone added HOM-04-03 1200x400x630,

In addition to a set it is offered

The case combined KR-01 2900х400х2200

Desk - single, with constant parameters with a reinforced cover from threefold LDSP, the vertical forward wall which is a board - the screen, and a curbstone with 3 drawers on roller directing. The cover of a table is originally fixed on the chromeplated pipes which connect a table and a curbstone added for office equipment in a whole.

Curbstone added for office equipment – with the open office divided by a horizontal wall into two niches and with 3 drawers on roller directing.

The table added with a reinforced cover from threefold LDSP, on figured support, is rigidly fixed to a desk.

At production of products high-quality materials and accessories are used:
- the wood chipboard revetted with films on the basis of thermoreactive polymers thickness 16mm;
- an edge furniture from polyvinylchloride thickness 0,4mm, 2mm;
- edge melamine;
- modern furniture accessories: the handles-relingi roller directing the pipes chromeplated with accessories.

Color scale according to the warehouse program.

 Set of NOM-04 of office furniture