Locksmith's bench VSL-04-N

Locksmith workbench VSL-04-N


Locksmith workbench is designed to practice manual training in schools.

Demountable metal framed locksmith workbench with reguable height has rectangular tabletop that is covered with sheet steel. From the right there is a place for electrical outlet, from the left there is a hook for a schoolbag.Side walls and guide frames are made of metal angle 35*35 connected by screw bolts suitable for a definite growth.

Tabletop is made of 2 chipboard layers of 34 mm.Under the top there is protective covering, from the above there is a layer from sheet steel, ends are from metal angle.

Locksmith workbench is batched with protective screen made of steel net, square stool with reguable height. Metal base is made of a rack and 4 bearing legs.

Metal frame is covered with epoxypolyester powder paint that makes it temperature stable and high-impact.