Desk for science classroom

Physics schooltable

Overall dimensions 1200х500

The table laboratory for an office of physics is intended for the equipment of two workplaces of pupils in a physics office.

The table double with a squared cover with sides on two metal racks and a basic curbstone, has the design changed on height.

The curbstone of a table consists of the basis and two vertical support. In a curbstone the office for electric conducting is located. For convenience of its installation the forward vertical board of a curbstone is removable. Electric sockets are installed on a back board of a table or on lateral faces of a basic curbstone.

The table-top is executed from the chipboard revetted from two parties with decorative paper and layered plastic. Other details are executed from the chipboard laminated the 16 mm thick. Edges in a product are closed by tape PVC and a melamine edging tape.

The metalframework of a table is covered with epoksipoliefirny powder composition of a hot otverzhdeniye.

Physics schooltable