Student's furniture set ShK-110 (adjustable for heigth)

Student's furniture set ShK-110

Overall dimensions: 1200*500

The set consists of a double table and 2 chairs student's, adjustable on height on the metal framework (a pipe of square section 25х25 with plastic caps) covered with epoksipoliefirny paint of a hot otverzhdeniye of gray color. The table-top, the shelf and a vertical wall are made of a chipboard with a laminated thickness of 16 mm, an issue class – E1, end faces are revetted with a polymeric edge 2 mm thick with a radius of curve of 2 mm. A squared table-top with the rounded-off corners.

The back and seat of a chair are made of plywood 10 mm thick, varnished. Corners of sitting and a back of a chair are dulled. The back and sitting have the varnish transparent covering executed with preservation of natural color of wood, conforming to requirements of STB 1871-2008. The set is regulated according to growth groups No. 2-4, No. 4-6.

The overall and functional dimensions - according to GOST 11015-93 and GOST 11016-93.