Student's furniture set ShK-200

Student set SK-200 Sizes: 1200*500*700 mm.

The set consists of a table and 2 stools, metal frame demountable construction.

Metal frame if made of a profile tube(25*25 mm). It consists of 2 side walls, bearing areas of which have polymeric ends.Each side wall is formed by 2 racks connected below and above that mfres it hard to roll over.

Stools have plywood seats and backs, metal frame consists of 2 side walls on T-bearing areas with ends.It\s covered with epoxypolyesrer powder paint that makes it temperature stable and high impact.

Tables have horizontal tabletop, vertical panel and a hook for schoolbags.Tabletop is made of chipboard covered with thermoactive polymeric film of 16 mm.

There is group subdivision(N 2,3,4,5,6) according to the height.