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Single desk ShK-30A

Single desk adjustable for heigth ShK-30A


 Set Student Furniture SK-300A

Overall dimensions of a table: 750х530 mm

The metal framework of a table student's consists of two sidewalls which basic surfaces have tips from polymeric materials. Each sidewall is formed by two racks connected by support below and a cross-piece above that provides resistance to capsizing. The metalframework is executed from a pipe profile square section.

The panel with a tray for pencils and handles side slips are executed from a plate of MDF by the revetted PVC film. The cover and a vertical wall is executed from the laminated plate 16 mm thick color a beech light. The cover with edges of PVC of 2 mm, with the rounded-off corners, is established in 2 provisions: horizontal and inclined. The cover rises and falls, the tilt angle with fixing in any situation is regulated. Plane of an inclination of 0-16 degrees.

Tables are developed on four numbers 3-6. Change of height of a table happens due to movement of the interfaced profile of legs and their fixing through openings by means of bolts.