Students furniture set ShK-310

 Set Student Furniture SK-310

Overall dimensions of a table: 1250х530 mm

The set consists of a table and a chair student's, regulated on height of a collapsible design on a metal framework.

The metal framework of a table student's consists of two sidewalls which basic surfaces have tips from polymeric materials. Each sidewall is formed by two racks connected by support below and a cross-piece above that provides resistance to capsizing.

The panel with a tray for pencils and handles, is executed from MDF plate, fixed in horizontal situation. The cover executed from the laminated plate with PVC 2mm edges, with the rounded-off corners is established in inclined situation. The vertical wall is executed from a chipboard of the laminated. Side slips, are executed from MDF plate in uniform color scale.

Chairs with the adjustable height and adjustable effective depth of sitting, on the metalframework consisting of two sidewalls on the T-shaped support having tips and connected by communication. The tilt angle of metal racks of a chair corresponds to GOST 11015-93 and GOST 1116-93.

Back and seat of a chair - plywood, has the varnish transparent covering executed with preservation of natural color of wood.

All metalframeworks are covered with epoksipoliefirny powder paint which possesses high resistance to influence of variable temperatures, covering durability at blow.

Tables and chairs are developed on four numbers 2-5.