Furniture set for lecture hall

Furniture set for lecture hall

Sizes of the table: 1200х500х760 mm

Sizes of the seat: 1200х400х780 mm

Two-seat classroom set for classrooms in universities, specialised secondary schools and comprehensive schools.

Two-man table with rectangular tabletop, vertical front side and unremovable shelf. 

Table is made of laminated chipboard of 16 mm. Edges are covered with vinyl tape and melamine edge banding tape.

Seat is suitable for classrooms, change rooms and halls in educational institutions or public places.It is demountable metal frame, sides of which are connected by metallic bonding under the back and vertical panel under the seat. Metal frame has protective polymeric coating that makes it  abrasion resistant.

Seat, back and vertical panel are made of chipboard with thermoreactive polymeric film of 16 mm, edges are covered with PVC.