Single desk for language room

Table language laboratory, single, height adjustable

Dimensions: 72x52.5x104/116 cm
The table is designed for specialized language laboratory. It allows you to create optimal conditions for independent work of students in mastering the skills of non-native oral speech in the offices of a foreign language, speech culture of the native language, as well as professional and performing skills in the specialty in theater education.
Table language laboratory is made of laminated chipboard 16 mm thick on the metal frame. The edges of the product are closed PVC tape.
linguaphone table Metal frame made of shaped tube section 25x25 mm and consists of two sides, the bearing surfaces which have tips made of polymeric materials. Each sidewall is composed of two uprights connected by cross-beam supports on the bottom and top that provides resistance to rollover.
Front set of transparent Plexiglas enclosure 4 mm thick.
Under the table top is the capacity to accommodate the telephone-microphone set.
The table is equipped with hooks for portfolios and pass the cable.
Height adjustment is carried out in accordance with growth groups №4-6.