School sideboard

Curbstone under a classroom board

Overall dimensions: 2000х300х900

The furniture is intended for functional equipment of workplaces of teachers and pupils. The curbstone in an office is intended for storage of demonstration tutorials and the educational equipment, an exposition of devices and devices.

The curbstone possesses esthetic and functional qualities; it is made of safe materials, corresponds to state standard specifications.

Visible corners of a curbstone in an office and laboratorian are revetted with an edge of PVC of 2 mm, other corners are revetted with the PVC edge not less than 0.5 mm.

The curbstone under a classroom board has the side adjacent to a wall, 50 mm high. The cover is made of a chipboard, revetted with solid wearproof chemically resistant plastic, and revetted with the PVC edge – 2 mm.

Material for production of curbstones – a chipboard laminated. The color corresponding to state standard specification (a beech, Oxford cherry or an alder).

Curbstone under a classroom board for tables, posters and for fastening of a set of measuring tools for a classroom board.