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Cafe set

Cafe set

 Furniture set for cafe

Overall dimensions of the table: 800x800x760 mm

Overall dimensions of a chair: 440х510х800 mm


The set consists of a table and four chairs. The table has a dismountable design. Chairs can be stacked.

Frame of the set is made from metal.

The basis of the table is a 4 metal arches connected among themselves. All ends of the basis are closed with plastic covers. Square tabletop is made of solid pine and double coated with protective varnish. The thickness of the tabletop is 20 mm.

Backs and seats of chairs are made of solid pine and double coated with protective varnish. The thickness of backs and seats is 20 mm.Design of chairs provides compact storage.

Metal frame is covered with epoxypolyester powder paint which raises resistance to impact  and temperature difference.

Additionally, you can order printing of your logo.



Furniture for cafe in folded form