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Furniture set for outdoor living space BAN-01

Furniture set for outdoor living space BAN-01

A set of furniture for the rest of BAN-01

Dimensions of the table: 1600x800x765 mm
Dimensions of a bench: 1600x330x475 mm
Furniture set for outdoor living space BAN-01 contains a table and two benches made of solid pine with artificial aging effect.
Table and benches finished with wax-based mastic, which not only protects the wood from differentials of moisture, but also emphasizes the texture of natural wood and gives pleasant golden color.
The product line includes sets of 1300,1400,1600,1800 and 2000 mm lenght. A model of a 1600 mm long bench is always kept on stock.
Also, for the desire of our customers, a set could be completed with a bench with a back or chairs made in the same style.

The end product in unassembled form is packed into corrugated cardboard.
Dimensions and weight of the package:
Table - 1650x 820x150mm - 46,6kg.
Bench - 1650x370x150mm - 20kg.