Garden transformer bench SST-01


Overall dimensions: 1400 * 750 * 1000 mm

This bench easily transformes into a table with two benches suitable for up to 6 people. This product combines the compactness and multifunctionality. This is a perfect outdoor furniture.Metal frame made from shaped tube is used as a basis of the bench, cross section size 20x20 mm. Frame with hot curing epoxypolyester powder coating. All holes are plugged.

This product is made of solid pine. To protect the wood from moisture attack wax-based mastic is applied, which makes the surface water- and scratchproof and, futhermore, emphasizes the beauty of natural wood.



Dimensions in the spread-out form: 1400х1360х760 mm

Elements have the following size:

Table: 1400х560х760 mm,

Bench (right): 1100х250х460 mm,

Bench (left): 1400х250х460 mm.